Unravel the Mysteries of Time
"Al Gore Preaches the Bible"
There is enough doctrine and theology about The Book of Revelation, to fill a library. It makes the idea of publishing another book on this subject appear futile. Why would anyone in their right mind, add too the heap of literature. Certainly, there has been little to no encouragement from any person in my circle. My own father flicked through the pages and said, "This stuff divides churches". I looked at him in shook my head, thinking, if he cared anything about the dividing of the church, he himself would attend a church and be committed to the truth. I have learnt if you're going to break new ground, forget looking around to see if anyone is following, because they're just not going to be there.

For many, Israel remains the centre of the Prophetic fulfillment for the book of Revelation, but is this true? The very idea that believers could be falling short of truly being liberated, by the important messages found in The Book of Revelation, is a sad reality. The hungry of heart though, won't mock, though a thousand books and a thousand bible teachers could line up to rubbish these simple words, I am convinced those who hunger for truth will not. They will read through these 195 pages and then pick up the Book of Revelation and read it all in a new light. Jesus said,

Rev 1:3a "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it"

Because Jesus Himself declared we'd be blessed in reading this book, then I also want you to be blessed and free when reading this book. Publishing this with very little encouragement from anyone has been for the most an emotional struggle for over 10 years. In striving to write down plainly what I see, and being absolutely 100% sure, the things I see and the way to write them is correct. Well how do you do this, when the ones, the leaders, the friends, the colleagues, all take this either with a "dose of salt", like, yes that's crazy Graeme. Or plain just want to stay glued to the past like my dad.

So I've taken this revelation to many people of knowledge and wisdom in scripture and none have been able to come up with an argument that this isn't true. A wise Physics & Math's teacher at my teenagers private school, who holds a Bachelor of Theology as well as Science, sat with me for a couple of hours while I poured out the discovery of this simple code. He was totally amazed at how so many things all tied together in agreement. He could see no reason why this was not mathematically sound and theologically correct. But he warned me not to publish this because of fear the new age people will get a hold of the mathematics in it.

It just appears very few want to subscribe to the truth. The ramification of the mathematical miracle is far reaching to the point, its clearly marking out future events, so clearly, that I am compelled to both publish and warn all people, Christians, various religions and secular people alike, all to read this book and do something to avoid the inevitable.

See, no matter how strong the word of this warning is; it doesn't mean that it needs to actually happen. For there is two types of prophetic messages in the earth; there is the absolute, without a doubt, exactly as its said and no person can change it. The most common of these prophetic messages are messages concerning Jesus. It didn't matter what people did, the words of God, would be performed and completed in His son Jesus.

Then for many of the words of Prophecy, they're given conditionally. And this is hard for both the observer and the prophet to fully understand. The most classical book, displaying the mixed emotions of conditional prophecy is Jonah.

Jonah, because of his attempt to avoid giving the word of the Lord to Nineveh, had one of the most elevated entries that a ministry or any messenger of God could ever hope for. By comparison, look at John the Baptist, who brought the single most important message, the world up to that time had ever had the privilege of hearing, but John the Baptist's claim to glory was none, he was stuck in the wilderness, dressed like a wild man, preaching the word of the Lord. They needed some discernment to believe in a man preaching in such deprived conditions. He had no signs, no wonders, nothing to testify the message was true, until the day the Messiah walked passed, and he could point his bony finger and declare, the most important words the world will ever hear, "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world". Then from that point, John's ministry shrunk into oblivion.

Johan on the other hand, came to a superstitious people, who worshiped fish gods, who enquired of and made sacrifices to stone and who believed strange events were signs from heaven. This totally bizarre event happened to a quiet fishing city, totally unexpectedly, maybe on the local beach of the main port, where all the fisherman went too and from for the days fishing. A place where all the fish were laid out into a large market place, for immediate sale. This city was so large it took three whole days to walk through. A city of thousands of white brick stucco Mediterranean style houses, spreading out for 10 miles through the city.

More than a fishing village, the markets would have made this harbor port an important gathering point, the market, the commerce, the politics and all the people of the city related to the access point into the Mediterranean. Then on a calm, normal day, a huge fish, maybe a sperm whale, swims up through the harbor into the shallows, past all the fishing boats and the harbor activities. These keen eyed fishermen can spot a fish jump in the water a mile away. There would have been a huge commotion as this creature of the deep made its way to the shore.

God did this to put on a show, everyone was amazed and stunned, from the market places, to the boats in anchor, the fisherman in the outer harbor, from everywhere, they were all rushing to see this marvelous event of a great fish swimming into the harbor. Everyone knew it was a significant event, a sign of blessings. But no one had any idea to the event to follow; that turned their joy and celebration, into sorrow and grief. As the fish came into as shallows as much as possible, maybe about knee deep, the weight of its own body upon its belly made it burp and in burping it threw up something never seen before or since. It threw up a human, a prophet, who happened to be on the run, from the very place he'd now been spat on to.

Out came Jonah from the mouth of the Great Fish. Jonah was now weak, barely conscious and he had a layer of regurgitated fish all over him. He looked like something from an Alien Horror film. Some of the women close by screamed, others ran to help. Jonah was semiconscious as the three-day journey taken its toll. As he sunk in the knee-deep water, the locals quickly went to rescue him before he drowned. Others were trying to get their harpoons ready to catch themselves a monster fish. The commotion just increased, but soon the Fish, a messenger sent from the throne of God, flicked its huge back flipper and spun itself around on a rising ground swell. Bystanders were all swept off their feet, by the huge wave the great tail made. The great fish then quickly headed out to sea. It took a faster, safe route out the harbor, his job was done and it was time to return to the deep. The fishermen were left gazing into the deep, hoping for another glimpse of the giant wonder.

On the beach, more people gathered to help Jonah, they cleaned him up, gave him water to drink and dressed him in a garment. The crowd had gathered, others were now coming from other city regions. They all wanted to get a glimpse of this man, the one spat out of the mouth of the great fish. As Jonah started recovering, he saw himself surrounded by a great crowd. As his eyes slowly opened to see he was also in physical shook. It'd been eight hours since he passed out, he remembered those moments in the whales' belly, as the pressures of the deep closed in, he cried out to the Mighty God for Mercy. At that moment, he surrendered his whole heart, mind, soul and body afresh to the service of God. He was so truly sorry forever running from the mission, as God kept even death from him. Jonah was now committed to speak the word of God, but had no idea just how that could happen hundreds of feet below the waters surface.

As Jonah started to awake, he grunted to clear his throat. The crowd quieted, all in anticipation to hear the first words of this miracle man, who was delivered to them from the sea, by their fish god.

Jonah looking around started to think, "This couldn't be, its impossible." He asked for some of those close by to lift him up, so he could see above the crowd. As he looked around, the memories of his visit to this sin loaded city of Nineveh, some years earlier came alive again, as he also remembered the days and nights God laid the city on his heart, praying always, that His mercy would come to this ignorant people.

Then Jonah noticed all the people; that they were ready, anticipating, wanting to hear just what did this Fish Man would have to say. Jonah having just come free from the grips of death was filled with fire, he was filled with urgency and he was filled with conviction. The crowds were at his feet and they were ready to eat from the palm of his hand. This was his great moment. As he felt the power of their attention, pulling on his heart and message of God, he slowly raised his finger in the air. His eyes caught their eyes, all their murmurings quieted. Jonah waited for the full attention of the crowd and total silence.

Then he cried out with great power and clarity. "In 40 days, Nineveh will be destroyed, except they repent from their sins"

The words shot through the hearts of the thronging crowds, like a mighty earthquake shacking a city. The people were struck with shock and grief as Jonah's ministry that day was birthed in glory and splendor. Never before and after has there been such a show. But Jonahs fame was short lived and soon he was to suffer terribly by the fruit of his own fame.
Jonah went from the being the run away, to the fashionable ministry of the day, his words shock a kingdom and brought kings to their knees. The message gathered a huge following and had the city at his feet, but Jonah soon became a depressed broken man, sobbing under a tree on the out skirts of the city. All his followers left him, all his disciples mocked him, the observers laughed, and the failure of such piecing words, "In forty days, your city will be destroyed" seamed to just collapse to the ground. How could Jonah ever carry on, his ministry died that day, his fame disappeared, because after 40 days the city was never destroyed. The thunder prophet was broken and exasperated, complaining to God, "And this is the very reason I never wanted to the bring the message originally, because I knew you'd have mercy"

In the economy of God, mercy always over rides judgment and certainly is more important than the reputation of the messenger. There will only ever be two messengers with a perfect record of a 100%, this is the way it happened, as per the Word of the Lord, " John the Baptist and Jesus". The prophetic word of God is a word subject to the hearts of the people in the earth. And just as Nineveh avoided the prophets warning of total disaster, so we can always depend on the Mercy of God, to work miracles and deliver us even from seaming enviable and unavoidable disasters. If we'd just follow the instructions he also gives us to repent and believe.

The Millennial Code reveals we're heading into a global disaster of Gigantic Proportions. Far worse than what any has ever declared or named, more serious than what Al Gore would like to say, in his "Inconvenient Truth", but thank God for Al Gore, who at least is teaching what the bible says. Unlike Jonah, who wanted the warning to come to pass, I truly hope and pray, that this warning will never come to fulfillment. I would rather the people of the nations could hold up their spiritual binoculars, The Millennial Code and see upon the horizon of time to be committed to work together a plan to avoid this from having a place in the earth.