Unravel the Mysteries of Time
"When the Time Comes"
Industrial Proliferation, in the last 200 years has brought forth the abundant financial harvest fields of these modern decades. It has also created a mounting ecological problem, that now thousands of scientists are beginning to agree with, that this will change the world as we know it.

The Book of Revelation predicted this would happen and exactly to the same time scale that it is happening. From the 17th Century, it began, and through the decades its been building, growing, merging, morphing and changing the world.

From Migrant Plant Diseases, to excessive Whaling, to Coal Pollution, to Nuclear and now 600 million odorless exhaust fumes.

For every action there surely is a reaction and for every ecological decline, science at some step of the way has fought to slow its path.

Facts are facts and they reveal that there has been an exponential rise in Natural Earth disasters, as has been recorded by the International Organizations. Such information, actually matches the revelation, The Millennial Code. Sadly, the same revelation also reveals the state of the human heart; that money management is more important than the human cause. While we have enough money in the world to stop and change, this couldn't be worked, because nothing can be done in the commercial world to run at a loss.

Sadly, the losses are building and being passed into the future generations. Environmental debt will soon exceed individual and global bank debt and there will be no credit available in the world anymore, except from Him who created all things.

Yet right now, in 2007, I believe something could be done, if humans would look to avoid passing it on. By pulling out of the world, every toxic generating machine and to stop using every one of the 100,000 synthetics that are destroying life as we know, this could be achieved. We might not have money for luxury items, for 50 years, and banks also would need to give it away and not finance the change, but it would save our world.

Instead of emergency plans, we have carbon tax, e-waste tax, and an increase in burdening the average consumer, who already enjoys an almost poverty level for the sake of their financed luxuries.

When this system collapses, its sure going to go fast. Like the Boxing day Tsunami, it'll sweep with no time for warnings and like 911, there will be plenty of signs before hand to know the day has come.