Unravel the Mysteries of Time
There is no winners in the Blame Game"
In the Cain & Able Story we can conclude; "There is no winners in the Blame Game" and to continue in that course of blame will ultimately then cause somebody to die. Like Cain, whom; after blaming Able then slew Able. Blame is only dressed up hate; it’s a refusal to Forgive and takes no personal account for any wrongdoing done to any person

Two blood streams plead the case of the blamer, one unto death and one unto life, like as Able cries for Vengeance, Jesus Cries for Forgiveness. The only way out of the blame cycle is to Forgive. Forgiveness releases the purchase freedom of the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse the sin; which in turn will set the Blamer free from the bondage of death that is deep in the action of blame. Hatred and all the attaching emotional distortions will be dissolved and destroyed, by the cleansing Blood of Jesus.

The blood of Jesus cries out for forgiveness, but can only be wholly applied on the one who chooses to forgive. Because in a sense “Not to want to forgive”, is a disregard for the free offering that God provides through Jesus Christ. The blamer is bound to their blame and causes little problems to the blamed, except they choose to do the same. To forgive is to be totally free.